Ingrid Awake Wellness Coach
  • A Happier & Healthier YOU!

Awake Wellness Coaching Habits

Do you want to adopt healthier habits but need help creating them and making them consistent?

Wellness coaching can help you identify and understand the underlying issues for your inconsistency and give you the tools you need to create new healthy habits and make them stick!
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Awake Wellness Coaching Balance

Does your health suffer because you routinely put others’ needs before your own?

Wellness coaching helps you reconnect to yourself and value your unique needs while giving you the tools and techniques you need to establish healthy boundaries in your life.
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Awake Wellness Coaching Time

Do you feel like you never have enough time, motivation, or willpower to take care of yourself consistently?
Wellness coaching gives you the guidance to connect to your own inner resources for motivation and the time management techniques to truly take care of your health.
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Awake Wellness Coaching Peace

Do you long to feel calm and centered but need specific tools to do that in your busy life?
Wellness coaching can help you address the areas of stress in your life and share proven relaxation and mindfulness techniques to reduce your anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.
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can help you to:

  • Uncover inner energy resources
  • Develop time management skills to create balance in your busy life
  • Cultivate peace, clarity and focus with mindfulness practices
  • Create and achieve realistic goals
  • Address body image issues so that you finally feel good in your skin
  • Build your confidence in all areas of your life
  • Confront your own self-judgment and its destructive consequences
  • Understand and face your cravings
  • Improve your relationship with yourself and others
  • Identify self-sabotaging mindsets
Ingrid Wellness Coach

Hi, I'm Ingrid

As a wellness coach I’m trained to guide you through the self-discovery process by asking questions that shine a light on the beliefs that have been keeping you from living the life you want. I give you tools and support you as you discover your own answers, because only you know what works best for you! Engaging in the self-discovery process is the greatest gift you will ever give yourself and others.

With my background in Mindfulness, I can help you create more calm, joy, and peace in your life, feel more confident in your skin, and have more energy by teaching you how to use your body as a tool to develop your awareness of your unique mind-body connection. I teach you how to get out of your head and into your heart.