Ingrid Wellness Coach

Hi, I'm Ingrid

As a wellness coach I’m trained to guide you through the self-discovery process by asking questions that shine a light on the beliefs that have been keeping you from living the life you want. I give you tools and support you as you discover your own answers, because only you know what works best for you!

Read on to learn more about my journey and my education and training that have led to my career as a wellness coach.

My Journey

Massage – Health in the body

As a massage therapist for 20 years, I learned how to honor and respect my body and its signals the hard way. When I ignored what my body was trying to tell me, I paid the price, and often that price was high. Out of necessity, I learned what nurtures, replenishes, and restores my body.

I can honestly say that by truly listening and respecting my body and its signals, I feel more alive and awake today than I have ever felt in my entire life. I spend less time regretting what I have or haven’t done, or planning to live my life at some random point in the future. Believe me, if I can do this… anyone can.

I have seen and lived the truth of the mind-body connection, and as a therapist for 20 years, I have witnessed firsthand the cost to those who neglect the small and sometimes big signals their body is imploring them to heed. I’ve learned that when we cultivate our awareness of our own unique mind-body connection, we create the foundation for health to arise, in all its forms, throughout the entirety of our life.

Awake Wellness Massage Therapy
Awake Wellness Mindfulness Coaching

Meditation/Mindfulness – Health in the mind

Ten years ago, I was introduced to meditation and mindfulness. If massage taught me to listen, trust, respect, and nurture my body, meditation and mindfulness taught me that I am not my thoughts and that my truth is found by listening to my heart.

I can hear you saying, “What is this mindfulness thing that everyone is talking about these days?” Simply put, mindfulness is the practice of focusing our attention, moment-by-moment, in a nonjudgmental way on our direct experience. This could mean observing our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, or surrounding environment.

Starting with just 10 minutes a day, I made the commitment to pay attention to my direct experience, without condemnation or judgment. Soon, I woke up to the subtle stirrings of my heart. What I discovered was that the thoughts in my head actually ran on a loop, and some of them weren’t even mine! Waking up to these realizations gave me the freedom to make informed decisions about new directions. By connecting to my inner knowingness, I had access to a whole new set of possibilities and healing.

The Mind/Body Connection – The pathway to holistic healing

I believe that we are all born uninhibited, wild, and connected to an inner sense of “knowingness,” free from self-consciousness, self-judgment, and self-doubt. At some point, we disconnected from this primary truth, and we separated ourselves from our greatest source of personal power. We learned to accept that to be successful, happy, and healthy, we need to trust in someone else’s version of the truth.

Awake Wellness Mind-Body Connection


My purpose is to inspire, guide, and support people in rediscovering their unique “Truth,” using the conduit of their own bodies to connect them to their innate source of light, energy, and power so they can begin to naturally create a life that uniquely reflects their vision of abundance, joy, and health.

Do you feel like a Zombie?

  • Are you moving through your life half awake?
  • Are you longing to feel more alive?
  • Are you ready to give your attention to the things that you really value in life?
  • Are you willing to wake up and make a conscious choice to change your status quo?
  • Are you ready to figure out what you really want in life and go after it?
  • Do you want to make peace with the critical voices in your head that constantly remind you that you don’t say, do or give enough?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, then make the choice to wake up to the life that is right here, with kindness, compassion, joy and curiosity.

Ingrids Wellness Mindfulness Coaching Credentials


  • Georgetown University Certification in Health and Wellness Coaching
  • George Mason University – BA Psychology
  • Meditation/Mindfulness Practitioner with over 10 years' experience including 9 week- long silent retreats
  • Certified Massage Practitioner with 20 years of experience
  • Certified Zumba Instructor
  • Trained in Positive Neuroplasticity, Non-Violent Communication, EFT and HeartMath